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Ignite your career in aesthetic dermatology and master the art of the SOM Method™.
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The SOM Method™

Welcome to the future of aesthetic training 

“From novice to expert, we believe great providers never stop honing their craft.”

Dr. Saami

Two Ways to Train

Elevate Your Skills with Hands-On Training

Embark on a hands-on learning journey with our elite SOM Method™ training. Designed for those with an active California license, this immersive experience allows you to refine your skills under the guidance of Dr. Saami himself.

*Requires active CA-license

Gain Insight as an Observer

Perfect for those without an active California license, this option allows you to witness cutting-edge techniques and innovative practices without hands-on participation. Immerse yourself in the learning process and gain valuable insights alongside fellow passionate practitioners.

Why Join Aesthetic Arts Academy?

Elite Training

Experience guidance from Dr. Saami, allowing a comprehensive understanding of advanced treatments.

Tailored Learning

Transform your skills, irrespective of your proficiency level, from beginner to advanced.

Ongoing Support

Benefit from a year of post-training support and receive a certificate to showcase your expertise.

Location Perks

Our facility in Encinitas, CA is easily accessible, making it convenient for attendees to immerse themselves in an enriching learning environment.

Dr. Saami

Meet Your Instructor

Renowned Global Authority in Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Saami Khalifian is a double board-certified Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon. He completed medical school at Johns Hopkins University followed by residency training in Dermatology at Harvard University. 

Dr. Saami has quickly become one of the most sought after trainers for all of the top aesthetic brands we know and love. His passion for teaching and innovation, as well as his friendly and relaxed nature, provide a uniquely special, hands-on  experience for learners. From beginner injection techniques, to the most advanced and cutting edge practices, Dr. Saami will guide you to reach your fullest potential.